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Jan 28th. Enabled swapfile memory
Jan 11th. Implemented mission progress into attack, carnival, 5050 rubies, chance, deal or no deal, high-low, horse racing, lottery, lucky boxes, roulette, safe cracker, slots (all types), poker, auction wins, player spotlight, mugging, attack ladder, promo codes, and streets
Jan 9th. Repaired image uploaders (avatars, staff management areas (properties, items, etc.)
Jan 9th. All profile, item, and property images have been restored
Jan 8th. Lottery has been fixed! Go test your luck

Welcome To the Carnal

Join us at Carnal Cove located in the Red Light District! In this sin-filled district, seduction is the best weapon you have. Are you submissive or dominant? Are you well-seasoned in the art of seduction or are you a virgin? Do you have a family or are you a lone wolf? Either way, there is something for one and all. Let's take this district by storm!